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Top 3 Work-Life Balance Tips for Women in Business

Did you know that work-life balance is now considered to be the second top consideration, after compensation, for procuring and retaining employees?

So it goes without saying that if employees demand work-life balance – as a business owner, maintaining work-life balance is essential to be more effective and feel fulfilled both in your personal and professional life.

In today’s digital world, work does not end at the office. With smart technology you can literally bring the office home and be in constant contact and control. That said, at times you might feel you are working around the clock and that pressure can affect your stress levels, family life and health.

So, as a woman business owner, how do you maintain work-life balance?

  1. Build a strong support structure: Although gender expectations still exist in present society today, dividing duties and gaining support from your partner is key to building your business and taking care of the family. Extended family can also be a tremendous resource when you have conflicting commitments between work and home. Always be appreciative of the help you get and that gift will be there when you need it again.
  1. Plan and prioritize: You would not be late for a meeting with an important client, so don’t be late to pick up your kids from school. Balancing work and life means having to plan and prioritize and giving equal importance to both areas. If you’re a workaholic you’ll need to discipline yourself to perhaps stay unplugged for an hour or two when you get home so you can truly focus on the family, the kids and most importantly, yourself.
  2. Nurture and nourish: Finding work-life balance goes beyond just finding time, it means finding quality time for yourself and indulging in the things you love to do, so when you go back to your business you are ready to tackle the day – no matter what it might bring. Self care is essential in restoring and maintaining your well-being, keeping your energy levels high and leading with clarity and purpose. This means keeping your eating and sleeping habits in check is key. On an emotional level, learn to forgive, forget and let go. Also learning to not take life too seriously can do wonders to reduce stress levels and create a more balanced way of life.

Being a respectable and successful woman business owner and making your mark felt, means believing in yourself and pushing your boundaries. Getting certified can be a great way to climb the ladder of success and still meet both your work and life goals.

Top 3 Tips on How WBEs Can Find Work-Life Balance

If you own and run your own business finding work-life balance can be challenging. Yes sure, a demanding leadership position can be exciting and a great motivator for success, but after a while all those responsibilities at work and in your personal family life can wear you down.

Here are our top 3 tips for finding work-life balance:

Maintain a Schedule

When you have a job, in most cases you follow a set schedule. When you own a business you have some liberty here perhaps, which can either work with you or against you. Especially when you’re trying to grow the business you may find yourself sitting with a cup of coffee at 2am reviewing a proposal or catching up with your company’s social media page. Making a schedule is key to find clarity, achieve better time management, and find time to do the things you really want – like take the kids to the park or have time for a hobby.

Prioritize and Delegate

Are you spending too much time doing things that don’t really help you grow from where you are to where you want to be. As an example, many business owners go from day to day answering emails, tackling customer service to taking care of invoices – this prevents you from working on all the things you need to do to actually grow your business or find time for your personal life – like business networking to find new clients or taking 10 minutes to meditate. Prioritize your tasks – what can you delegate? You might be surprised how relieving it can be to have some things taken off your plate so you can focus on the bigger picture.

Practice Self-Care to Renew and Restore

An important component of work-life balance is to have good health and maintain an optimal sense of well-being. Ask yourself – what are your eating habits like? Do you just grab a quick bite to go or make time for a healthy lunch? Are you sleeping well? How would you describe your energy levels? If you don’t take the time to take care of you, sooner or later it will affect work performance and life at home –¬† putting everything on the line you worked so hard for. Listen to your intuition and it will nudge you in the direction that’s right for you.

No doubt work-life balance can be hard to achieve, but it’s certainly not impossible.

How do you maintain work-life balance? Do you have a tip that can help other WBEs. Please share in the comments below!