Are you a woman business owner looking to expand your business? Well, one important way is to create a dynamic LinkedIn profile as part of your key marketing strategy.

You may be pleasantly surprised how quick online networking can help get you more business.

Here are some of the strategies that will give your business a stellar presence on social media:

  1. Start with your punch line

Readers browsing through a LinkedIn profile are generally skimming for “what’s in it for them.” In order to capture their attention and engage them to read what your business is offering it is a good idea to start with a catchy punch line – make it about your end client and what you can offer them.

  1. Market your brand’s commitment

Corporations, contractors and end users alike are interested in knowing the values your business upholds and organizations that your business supports. Keeping this in mind, when you introduce your brand also talk about the mission and vision of your business.

  1. Showcase Pages

Showcase pages are subpages created to specifically sell your products and services. Use caution not to create a “hard sell” page. Rather make them as a marketing page that lists the benefits and unique highlights of your product and service. To make it more visual and appealing add a product logo and banner for each product description.

  1. Active presence

As with any social media website the more active your presence the more visibility it gets. It is good practice to share not only the reviews and feedback of your product or service  offerings but also relevant content or knowledgeable information related to your services. This prompts the visitor to frequent your site and will also engage the reader to learn more about your product and give you increased conversions.

  1. Boost your connectivity

As your visibility increases it is also important to involve your employees. Firstly, make sure that all your company associates have connected to your LinkedIn company page. Secondly, ensure that the content promoted related to your industry has a call to action that will capture your viewers.

As you put all these tips together remember to also add a “Follow us on LinkedIn button” on your company website. With that, you are well on your way to get a Linked company profile page that gets noticed!