As the old adage goes, a team is only as strong as the weakest link – if you really want your business to succeed, increase the success of your people.

Some businesses can succeed with a few team members doing just enough to keep things afloat, however if you run a small business you need a strong team of dedicated workers to bring massive change and really push business growth and success.

Let’s take a look at three scenarios below, which are commonplace in the workplace today. Notice how by increasing their own success these employees affected the overall success of the company they worked for.

Scenario #1 – Sandra felt tired, unmotivated and unappreciated. She was unhappy working in a firm that did not value what she brought to the table. In a few weeks she was able to move to a company that valued and respected their employees. This positive work environment encouraged Sandra to do more and give more. She returned home happily from work and was willing to go the extra mile to help her team when needed as she felt like a respected, valued member of the team.

Key Takeaway for employers: Respecting and valuing your people will increase worker motivation and productivity and directly impact your bottom line.

Scenario #2 – Dinesh got hired by a company as soon as he graduated. After the initial excitement wore off Dinesh realized that although he liked what he was doing, he didn’t absolutely love it. His company encouraged open communication and so Dinesh discussed his career goals with his supervising manager. They both agreed to a 6-month plan, after which Dinesh would be able to work in other more advanced areas of his interest and perhaps even get promoted. Dinesh worked hard to make sure his month-to-month goals were met and at the end of 6 months displayed significant growth landing a promotion and team lead position in a project he was passionate about.

Key Takeaway for employers: Identify employee goals and take them seriously. By encouraging and helping your employees get ahead, your company is bound to get ahead as well.

Scenario #3 – Stacy, a senior project manager, brought excellent communication skills to the table but lacked organizational skills. She could push a team to perform when needed, but seemed a bit all over the place when trying to take down client requirements, communicate with team members and follow through on deadlines. Her company invested in a project management software that empowered her to properly plan projects, liaison with those involved and estimate deadlines. This increased both organizational work efficiency and client happiness.

Key Takeaway for employers: Empower your staff with key tools needed to get the job done. This will increase their own individual success, the team’s success and ultimately the success of your company.

Respect, motivation, encouragement and key tools that enable employees to be the best they can be will not only increase the success of your people, but that success multiplied will positively impact your own organizational success.

As a woman business owner, what are you doing to increase the success of your employees? Let us know in the comments below.