Thinking of getting your business certified? There are a few third-party certifiers when it comes to getting your WBE certification. But if you reside in any one of the Western States including, Arizona, Colorado, Southern California, Utah, Wyoming, Nevada, Hawaii and Guam then WBENC certification through WBEC-West may be right for you.

WBEC-West, a regional partner of the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC), implements the certification standards of WBENC all across the western states. WBENC certification is recognized all over America and honored by 10,000+ major corporations.

Here are top 3 benefits of getting your business WBE certified with WBEC-West:

Being a part of the WBEC-West Community

One of the biggest advantages of getting your business certified with WBEC-West is that you automatically become a member of the WBEC-West Community. The community is an indispensable resource empowering you with the ability to communicate with  other certified WBEs to share best practices and to grow WBE to WBE connections and corporate relationships. You also get the opportunity to mentor other WBEs or apply for mentorship through our Ambassador program.

Participating in Business Matchmaking Sessions

WBEC-West hosts corporate workshops around the year! Get the insider information you need to successfully engage corporations and increase your business exposure and opportunities. Participate in informal networking and face-to-face matchmaking sessions with WBEC-West Regional Corporate Members and WBENC Corporate Members in our coveted Annual WBEC-West Procurement Opportunity Conference & Awards Gala.

Procurement Buyers Database Access

As a certified WBE you also get access to a group of supplier diversity and procurement executives at hundreds of major U.S. corporations and federal, state and local government entities that accept WBENC certification. You also get automatic inclusion in WBENCLink, WBENC’s Internet database of certified WBEs, which is accessible by WBENC’s Corporate Members and other certified WBEs across the country.

You can also find out what’s going on with WBEs across the nation by reading our informative blog and get the know-how on how to procure corporate contracts ­and grow your business through our educational webinars.

Now that you know the benefits, click to learn how to qualify for WBEC-West Certification!