If you’re a successful business woman you understand the important role a mentor can play in your success. Many people take advice from family and friends and although that is fine, usually what ends up happening is most people will tell you what they think you want to hear, and not what you should hear.

Receiving candid feedback from a third person is key to achieving business success and growth. Getting mentored from someone who’s been where you are now can go a long way in avoiding costly mistakes and making better decisions to achieve your business goals and professional aspirations.

If you’re new to business and lack experience or perhaps you don’t have the knowledge about a certain area of your business like procuring contracts for example, you can leverage the skills and knowledge of a mentor to guide you in the right direction and deter your inexperience from ending up as a liability.

Introducing the WBEC-West CEO Ambassador Program!

The Ambassador Program is a One-2-One, CEO-2-CEO Business Connection program created to empower certified WBEs with one-on-one coaching and mentorship from a seasoned WBE who has been successful in leveraging both their WBENC certification and resources available through WBEC-West and WBENC.

The CEO Ambassador Program is unique to WBEC-West, and Ambassadors are located throughout the WBEC-West territory which spans across Arizona, Southern California, Colorado, Hawaii, Nevada, Utah, Wyoming and Guam. If you are a certified WBE in one of the above States you may apply either as an Ambassador or wanting to be assigned an Ambassador.

At WBEC-West our incentive for creating this program is that we believe that our own individual growth is fueled by coming together, collaborating and supporting one another’s growth. Through programs like these, we can build the ideal platform for individual and collective success.

To participate or learn more about the Ambassador Program go to: http://wbec-west.com/ambassador-program/